MCC NSW – Media Release on NZ Terrorist Attack

Multicultural Communities Council of NSW Inc. National Sikh Council of Australia Inc. Chinese Community Conicity of Australia Inc. MCC NSW – Media Release on NZ Terrorist Attack

16 March 2019

Today the world is shocked once more with mass shooting in two Christchurch mosques. leaving a total of 49 dead at the Deans Avenue mosque and Linwood Avenue mosque, and 20 injured in hospital including children. New Zealand PM Ardern described it as a terrorist attack. The MCC NSW, NSCA and CCCA, wish to commend our leaders, PM Morrison for not mincing words when he described today’s attack as a “vicious murderous” act of “right-wing” terror; and our Opposition Leader Shorten who described it as a “senseless act of evil” We wish to stand in solidarity with our fellow Commonwealth citizens in Christchurch and offer our condolence and sympathies to the Muslim families of the victims. We pray that those who are injured in hospital and particularly, the children, will make a quick recovery, not only their physical injuries but their minds and spirits. The statement of Queensland Senator Fraser Anning that “the attack highlighted the “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence” in Australia and NZ communities is only adding fuel to the fire. Our response is that Senator Anning is denting Australian’s international reputation with his callous views; and damaging community harmony in our multicultural society and incitement to violence. His statement could be perceived as “it is OK to do it” We urge our political leaders to institute strategies to prevent future fatal terrorist acts by strengthening legislation against racial vilification, hatred and violence; and particularly the spread of extreme hate statements and radical views on social media. Authorised by: Dr Anthony Pun OAM, Chair, MCC NSW & National President, CCCA. Mr Ajmer Singh Gill, National President, NSCA.