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Attended the Premiers Harmony Day Dinner as a Guest of Cultural Verse, Melbourne. The Dinner was attended by 1500 participants is the probably the largest Premier’s Harmony Dinner so far. Met with some old friends from ECC NSW (they have 4 tables) and Raymond Arraj & his wife Lena. I was the last one to have a picture with the Premier Glady Berejiklian and the Hon Ray Williams and both acknowledged that I am No1 trouble maker (in jest). Also met up with Stephan Kerkyasharian AO at function. I wish to thank Mr Loc Trinh from CulturalVerse (Melbourne) for inviting me to dinner as their guest.

Left to Right: The Hon Ray Williams MP, Dr Tony Pun OAM, and Premier Gladys Berejiklian MP

ACRI talk on Human Rights in China Jocelyn Chey

8 March 2019 Spy features genuine spy equipment, surveillance images and candid interviews with ASIO officers. Visitors can play the part of a secret agent in the interactive family trail and test their skills at codebreaking and reading invisible ink. Using objects from the National Archives of Australia, ASIO and other security organisations, Spy brings the stories of spies out of the shadows and into the light. (Whitlam Institute)

The main topic was the discussion of Prof. Jocelyn Chey’s article on Human Rights and China. 

Mr Mark Franklin, MCC NSW Director was also present at the Seminar.

Is there a problem with Australia’s approach to human rights in the PRC?

Left to Right:  Prof James Laurenceson (ACRI Acting Head)  Shirleyy Huang (rep-CCCA) the Hon Philip Ruddock (ACRI Board), Prof Joceyln Chey, Richard Broinowski (Former Australian Diplomat & now AIIA). and Dr Tony Pun OAM.

Human rights in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are under increased threat. The PRC government ignores international representations. This begs the question: should Australia even attempt to intervene? What do we risk by doing so? The easy course would be to do the minimum and restrict our representations to cases where Australian citizens and interests are directly involved. This author argues that Australia’s approach to human rights should be recalibrated. Despite possible repercussions for other aspects of our vital bilateral relationship, Australia should take a stand and declare to the PRC and other countries that the ideals of human rights are central to our cultural identity. If one takes a longer historical perspective, it is not unreasonable to hope that this and other recommended actions may ultimately contribute to Beijing’s rights policies being modified.

For details of the paper see: and

MCC NSW attends New Year Festivals

Each New Year, MCC NSW attends a number of New Year Events organised by different community groups and societies.

Events such as the Lunar New Year celebration is shared by a number of cultures, e.g. The Chinese New Year, the Tet Festival organised by the Vietnamese Community, the Sikh New Year. The National Korean Day…