About us

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The Multicultural Communities Council of NSW is a non-party political, non-religious and non-sectarian body corporate and the objects of the council shall be to:

  1. Represent and advocate the interests of the Cultural and Linguistic Diverse (CALD) communities in NSW.
  2. Voice the collective views of the CALD communities on public issues.
  3. Promote multiculturalism to all Australian communities which include parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, and English as the bonding language between communities in accordance with the CRC&PM Act.
  4. Promote taking up of Australian citizenship, and encourage the study of Australian civics and history including the history of the traditional owners of the land; and observance of Australian celebrations (Australia Day) and commemorations (Anzac Day).
  5. Co-operate with other organisations and government bodies in the furtherance of the objects of the Council.
  6. Promote community harmony in order to achieve a strong, cohesive and united multicultural Australia. Hence issues of “motherland” politics that cause division in our CALD community are strongly discouraged.