A summary of media comments on the NZ massacre

A summary of media comments on the NZ massacre.
Terrorism should be condemned in the strongest terms regardless of the religious background of the perpetrator. The NZ massacre should be a lesson for all of us that we need (i) to live in peace and harmony, (ii) political leadership in clamping down of hate speech and (iii)spending some resources in education that promotes community harmony. On the last point, some of the money spent on community grants for safety should be diverted to education.

Congratulations to both leader PM Morrison and Opposition Leader Shorten in giving leadership against hate speech. Mr Shorten’s statements are particularly sharp and precise and calling the spade a spade. A successful joint Party censure on Senator Anning would be a good way of recovering our international reputation as a fair and just society as well as retaining public confidence that the government will contain hate speech. In view of our strong leadership statements, should the government revisit the case of Yiannopoulos and cancel his visa?